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Tammy  Hudson
January 9, 7:33 pm
Am a pro mommy with lot of role play, you can call me mommyca , do you like to explore your fetish and kink life with a pro mommy,or wish to have a pro mommy adopt you legally, do you like to be pampered ,breast feed, have your diaper change during sessio
December 15, 1:10 pm
Oh well feel free to read my rather detailed blog entry if anyone is stuck for wet ideas.. i think ive written about as much as I can think of... enjoy ladies.. and guys too (some hot anecdotes there)
December 13, 12:06 am
November 27, 1:12 pm
nobody here but us crickets
Noel Sheard
October 7, 6:26 pm
Any one there
July 25, 11:21 pm
I sat there for i don't know how long, and nobody came in *pouts*
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