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I sit on the edge of the bed waiting for you patiently. I can hear you rummaging around in the bathroom cupboard. I know exactly what you are fetching. My wet and messy nappy is becoming uncomfortable and so I start to fidget a little. I am a little apprehensive about you changing me and hope that it is over and done with quickly.

You enter the bedroom holding a clean nappy, a box of baby wipes and powder. Your presence is powerful as your tall, well built frame towers over me. You place a changing mat on the floor and instruct me to lie down in between your legs. My nappy sags heavily between as move from the bed to the floor. I am embarrassed and nervous about you seeing me in this state so I suck on my thumb vigorously, but only for you to remove my thumb from my mouth and replace it with a cute colourful pacifier. I am not so sure about the taste of the pacifier so I spit it out and put my thumb back in my mouth. But you want to see your girlfriend looking like a little girl so you pull my thumb away again and give my hand a light smack to let me know thumb sucking is not allowed. You retrieve the pacifier and place it between my lips once more. This time I suck it. I will just have to get used to it I guess.

I am of the impression that I am about to be changed out of my dirty nappy. I am nervous and unsure yet my pussy is aching. Inside my nappy and in between my legs, my pussy is wet and slippery. I want to be touched and teased. Even without looking between my legs you seem to know that your little girl is excited. You reach behind and pick up my favourite toy, the humming bird, a small vibrator. You undo one of the tabs on my nappy and carefully place the humming bird in the right spot before turning it on to full capacity. Then you then restick the tab on my nappy and begin to massage the nappy against the humming bird and my clit. Immediately I start to squirm because the feeling is just so wonderful. I feel the presence of my loaded diaper and become aroused by my childish state as you look down at me with pleasure. Your big hand pushes the humming bird against my pussy making me arch my back, as the feeling becomes more intense. You start to massage my whole body starting from the top, paying special attention to my breasts. Then you lie me on my side whilst you gently pat my padded bottom and rub my back. I am on the verge of coming when you bend over me and begin kissing my neck. The humming bird is still in the correct spot and is working its magic. Soon enough my body stiffens as I climax and you softly stroke my legs.

I lie on my changing mat, dozy from just having an orgasm. You undo my nappy and lift my legs. Yes I am embarrassed about being so exposed, yet I am so relaxed that I don’t resist or squirm. You expertly clean me up and soon enough I am feeling much better and much happier for being a clean little girl and its not long before I forget all about having a dirty diaper and being so exposed in front of you.

But it’s not over yet. Wearing only a white vest, my bottom half totally naked and stand and watch you take your clothes off. I admire your masculine physic and look closely at the tattoos on your solid calves. Your arms are firm and well formed and your torso well defined. Your penis is as hard as anything. It stands to attention proudly, and proud it should be as it’s perfectly sized. Once you are fully undressed you suddenly pick me up. I can feel your large hand on my naked bottom. Unsure of what’s is going to happen next I snuggle into your neck for reassurance. You place me face down on the bed and spread my legs apart and then raise my arms above my head. I am now aware of what’s going to happen and before I know it, my wrists are being secured into restraints, fixed to the bed. I protest a little only for my pacifier to be put in my mouth and you stroke my hair to reassure me. You then proceed to fix my ankles into the restraints so that eventually I am spread like a starfish in the bed with my little bare bottom on display. I am now feeling incredibly vulnerable but I love it.

You place a pillow under my tummy so that my bottom is raised a little. I feel some cold jelly being massaged into my rectum. You push your index finer into my bottom and I start to squirm. This is a new sensation for me and I am very unsure. But a quick spank from you calms the situation and I start to relax. I suck on my pacifier, harder and harder the more you play with my bottom. I then feel your cock against my bare ass and then it enters my small hole. It hurts at first, but then I remember to relax and it’s not so bad. I am soon so aroused by the situation that I forget about the discomfort. You are now fully inside your little girls bum and you just love the tight feeling that surrounds your cock. You slowly move backwards and forwards, being careful not to put her through too much discomfort. You admire her from your position. Her pacifier still firmly lodged between her lips and her soft brown hair slightly covering her face. Her small hands grip tightly around the rope of her restraints to steady herself against your weight. Her eyes are closed and she is panting softly. Her cheeks are flushed red, just like an embarrassed child. You are overwhelmed that she has come this far and that she is enjoying this new experience. You kiss her flushed cheeks and whisper in her ear that she is a good girl as you penetrate further inside her. You want to see her face when you come so you pull her hair away from her face and grip it tightly with one hand. I feel you pull my hair and this sudden roughness is amazingly powerful. I don’t mind as you pull my hair and ride my ass. My clit is rubbing on the pillow underneath me and once again I am dripping with wetness. You pump harder and every now and then you give my bottom a smack. I know you are going to come soon and I want to do it at the same time. So I desperately hold back my orgasm until I am sure you are about to burst. I then feel you about to climax to, so I let myself go. Once again my little body stiffens as your hard cock takes one last thrusts inside me. You feel amazing as you snuggle into your little girl’s neck and embrace her tightly.







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